About Athena Rising

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Athena Rising was born from the founders, Claire Marcel & Anna Vickroy’s own desire for connection, collaboration and inspiration. They have experienced and deeply feel the impact of the disempowerment of women. We live in a culture where we are made to feel like we are never enough…not smart enough, not pretty enough, not a good enough mom, wife and not worthy of equal pay at work. When we buy into this old paradigm, we suffer.

A fundamental belief at Athena Rising is that we can choose to buy in to the new paradigm, that we are enough. When we show up as our authentic selves, we are courageous. We know there’s something more than always trying to prove ourselves, while judging ourselves and others. There’s a void that we’ve been feeling for awhile, and no external achievement that seems to fill it. We know we want to feel better, physically, mentally and spiritually and we know the answer is within us.



CONNECTION with other non-judgemental open-hearted women

COMPASSION for ourselves and others

SUCCESS as defined by the individual rather than societal norms

FREEDOM to show up as ourselves

STRENGTH to have the courage to be vulnerable

HEALING from our past stories

COLLABORATION because we know we weren’t meant to do it alone

INSPIRATION to have our eyes opened to the possibilities

EXPRESSION because when we feel heard we heal and grow

PEACE deep within ourselves because we know it starts with us

JOY in moments where we can be fully present


Anna Vickroy

is passionate about Athena Rising from a place of divine alignment as she envisions this community as a place she desires to continue her own personal journey of growing, healing and rising. She has suffered from decades of “not-enoughness” and when she finally awoke to the nature of her true empowered self, she knew she had to share this story with other women. In 2017, she created a series of events called the #ConfidenceCampaign where several women speak about their struggles with negative self image and how they are healing.

As far as her background, she has several degrees in engineering with a successful career in engineering and lecturing at the graduate school of Civil Engineering at SJSU. She stepped away from engineering in 2004 to build a successful photography studio. But she feels that her greatest asset that she brings to Athena Rising is her own personal experience of learning to love herself unconditionally.


Claire Marcel

has a long philanthropic history and passion for human rights.  In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s she served as a volunteer providing health services for migrant farm workers in Sacramento, Ca.  At that time, she also volunteered for the registrar of voters to register individuals in underserved communities.  Forty years later, she is still advocating human rights, though there is now a stronger focus on women’s rights.  She continues to host women dental students and orthodontic residents from UCSF and UNC for discussions on elevating the role of women in her profession.  Claire is an orthodontist in private practice in Pleasanton, CA.